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【KEYCHAINS】fate / grand order

【KEYCHAINS】fate / grand order

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with the passing of the age of gods & the start of the common era, mankind has become the most prosperous species in the world. the fate of the planet is in our hands. we are the ones who will write its epitaph. thankfully, there is a map to prolong mankinds survival & ensure its everlasting prosperity. in the world of magi, this is known as... the human order. 

★keychain details★
3 inches. glossy. holographic acrylic. metal star clasp.

★characters available★
saber ▶ miyamoto musashi, nero claudius, mordred, okita souji, arthur pendragon, artoria pendragon, alter atoria pendragon, 
archer ▶ chloe von einzbern, emiya, oda nobunaga, sei shonagon, tomoe gozen, gilgamesh, ishtar
lancer ▶ ereshkigal, enkidu, artoria pendragon (lancer), cu chulainn, ana, scathach 
rider ▶ medb, astolfo, francis drake, ozymandias, medusa
caster ▶ tamamo no mae, zhuge liang, hans christian anderson, merlin, nitocris
assassin ▶ shuten douji, cleopatra, mysterious heroine x, hassan of serenity, semiramis 
berserker ▶ frankensteins monster, tamamo cat, minamoto no raikou, kiyohime
avenger ▶  alter jeanne darc
ruler ▶ sherlock holmes
moon cancer ▶ bb
alterego ▶ meltlilith
foreigner ▶ katsushika hokusai, abigail williams, yang guifei
shielder ▶ mash kyrielight

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